Our Services

We offer different psychological services:

START with Gudrun!
Start with Gudrun! is a service that helps you to reduce your stress. In medical research it was understood that stress make sick and ill. It does not matter whether you stress yourself or whether you expose you boday to stress by sleeping little, by bad eating habits, by drining alcohol, taking drugs or moving to little, etc.

It can be distinguished between the stress your body is exposed to by alcohol or drugs and the stress that you harm yourself with by not saying no when the workload gets too much. On the long run both will make you ill and your work performance will suffer and / or will end up in a conflict with the law.

MPU with Gudrun!

MPU with Gudrun! is a German product which we offer in German and English. Because it is a German product our homepage is in German.

MPE is the Medical-Psychological-Examiniation and has to be taken if you collected to many points, drank and drove and took drugs and drove.

The road traffic licining department will ask you to take the above exam. They will give you a time span in which you have to pass the exam. As the administration does not bother whether you are able to pass the test they will give you a time span in which the assessment instituation is able to give you an appointment, not a time span which makes sure you will be able to pass your exam.

If you want to grow the probability to pass the MPE, get in touch with us.

Coaching with Gudrun!

Coaching with Gudrun! is a psychological service which will help you with a new career, with a conflict, with a relationship, etc.

We are not sticking to one method, but it is important for us to work with the methods we think are best for a certain situation.

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