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When you want to reduce your stress you will have to change your way of thinking. When you are stressed you see the problems not the opportunities. Reducing stress means to change your mindset to think positive and to be optimistic about possibilities. That can be a challenge at times when you are in stress. Often you produce the stress by having negative thoughts.

When you want to change this you have to reprogram your mind. First of all you have to observe your thoughts to find out where you are going wrong. When you get into any stressy situation write down the thoughts that cross your mind. Many of your thoughts will be destructive. After you have collected your destructive thoughts, rewrite them into possibilities and all of the sudden you will be aware of the great opportunities you have in this stressy situation. There is no firm wall which cannot be dealt with.

Another method to reduce your stress in situations which you are not capable of changing immediately can be to cultivate lucky moments. Lucky moments will provide energy and give you strength to face uncomfortable situations.

Think of lucky moments of your life. What makes you happy? What give you the felling of being lucky? At the moment in my case it is to meet people I have not met in a very long time. I love to hear from them again and I realise that the connection or bond which has been at the time is coming back. I call that luck.


Luck is how we interpret situations, objects and occasions taking place in our lives. Whether the matter that just happens is positive or negative depends on your socialisation, your experience, your mindset and your mood. By definition incidents have no interpretations. They just happen. It is what we make of these.

When you look at this definition what does luck mean to you now? I told you above that you can change your mindset by redefining your thoughts. When you realise that incidents have no emotion you might think of it in a very different way. It is your decision to define who you are, which situations are positive and which are negative. The more negative intonation or dark colour you put into a situation the more your interpretation will pull you down. In the universe things happen by chance, not by decision. The decisions we take and the way we interpret the indicident depends on your mindset. If you have trained your thoughts to be self-efficient you will have a lot of energy. But if your thoughts are destructive your mindset will not be strong and moving forward. Instead it will stop you from making brave decisions nor will your mind be opened to possibilities. Now it is for you to choose what you wish for.


It might not be easy for you to choose you wishes of luck. Which are situations that make you feel relaxed when you remember them? It could be the reflection of the sun onto a rain drop or the meeting of a person, friend, relative and so on. Mostly it is occasions that do not cost anything. Often we think that it is money which makes us happy, but luck is of a very different kind. It is what touches our heart.

Stressy situations

When you think of moments of luck in stressy situations I am pretty sure that your heart rate will immediately slow down and it will be easier for you to think clearer of the situation you are in. Therefore it is important that you find ways to reduce your stress on the long term. To achieve a long term change you will have to change your way of thinking.

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