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When have you been disappointed for the last time? Was it long ago or has it happened a few days ago? I guess it depends how you define disappointment, because for some people a disappointment is when somebody does not turn up to an appointment as it happened to me just an hour ago and for some others it is that a good friend has passed some secret on which was only for your close friend. What happens if someone turns you down?

Of course I was disappointed as my client did not turn up this morning, but the only reason I am still thinking of her is that I am writing this post for you now. Otherwise my daily life would move on and she would not influence me anymore. Very different would be my situation if I heard that a close friend passed on a secret of mine. Then I would be very angry and it would affect me emotionally.

How do you handle disappointments?

When someone disappoints you how do you react? Will you mourn a lot? Will you be down and thinking a lot about it? Will it effect your daily life?

Nothing, except dreadful life experiences should kick you out of you daily life. Of course we might be more thoughtful on that day, we might not be smiling and laughing as much as we do on other days, but we should never mourn and feel down on a disappointment.

Be gentle to yourself

On days when you will be disappointed focus yourself on the daily tasks, because mourning will not help you get back into your daily routine. Of course this does not include forgetting what happened, but when you stick to being down and being sad, it will not help you to look forward and to reach you goals.

Why not clear the backlog on such a day? This kind of work does not need a lot of concentration and is normally easy work to be done. The advantage is that afterwards you will feel proud that you have worked it off.

Look forward to things that make you happy. Tread yourself well after a disappointment and do not leak your wounds. Why not enjoy a nice warm bath or meet up with friends for a coffee and have a good meal? Why not meet up friends and/or play games with them or have an evening out with caraoke?

Avoid sweets

When being disappointed some people tend to eat out of frustration. Why? When they were a little child they learned to reward themselves with sweets, because sweets feed the reward centre in our brain and lift our mood. On the other hand you will put on weight and as a result it will help you to stay on the settee and watching television which will feed your bad routine. Instead, …

Why not have a break?

Why not go out for a walk or a run and enjoy nature or a park? A walk or a run will clear your mind and afterwards you will be able to concentrate on your daily work, the problems that challenge you and be able to laugh again.


You might as well meditate to calm down and to broaden the distance to the event. Meditation is a very good instrument to relax to resolve stressful situations. Today meditating is very easy because you will find lots of videos or podcasts that guide you during a meditation on the internet.

As mentioned above it is most important that you do not stay in your bad and sad mood. Of course it is normal to be sad for a short while but it should never pull you down that much that you are not able to return on your daily life soon after. Therefore think about your ways that disappointment will not effect your daily life.

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