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Have you ever thought of how much you are stressed on a scale between zero to ten in a situation you are in right now? Have you ever thought of what you could be grateful in this situation after you scaled your stress?

When you read these questions what do you feel? Do you feel that these questions are coming from two ends? The first questions is about how much stress you have and the second will reduce your stress immediately after you released how much stress you have. Because being grateful is a powerful tool to reduce your stress.

All of the sudden you realise that you have solved many stressful situations in your life and your perception towards the current situation changes dramatically. After you reduced your stress you will be able to find realistic solutions a lot easier than staying in the stressful situation and trying to solve it.

How can you solve stressful situations?


I guess you know the idea of brainstorming. In this situation it might be a good idea to select all your ideas you can think off to solve the situation. It is important that you do not restrict yourself to thinking clever or smart, restrict yourself only to writing down any ideas coming to your mind neither of positive or negative consequences. It does not matter how unrealistic your ideas are. Many great companies were build of impossible solutions. Therefore do not restrict yourself in any way.

One restriction is necessary. Make sure your brainstorming is done in a certain time and after that time you will finish it. Otherwise you might end up without finding a solution for the situation, because you do not stop brainstorming.

Mind map

The next step is to sort the ideas you wrote on your piece of paper. First prioritise your list of ideas. Make sure every idea has got a different number. No figure should appear twice. It is important to find out which are your favourite ideas. All except the first three you cross through now and with the first three you will go on working.

Now you get three pieces of paper and on each of them you write one idea which is left in the brainstorming. Write the idea in the middle to the paper and mark it with a circle around the word or phrase. Now you draw lines. Each line starts at the circle you drew around your idea and goes a few centimetres towards the outside of the paper (like in the introducing picture). At the end of each line you write some words that are connected to the word in the centre. Now I explain to you what to write into the new fields.

Positive and negative aspects

Write on the right side all the positive aspects that the word or phrase in the middle has for you and on the left the negative aspects. With this list of positive and negative aspects of your ideas try to select your best idea. Now your mind map look like a “spider net”. After you found your best idea think of the consequences this idea brings.


After you selected your best idea think of the consequences your idea might bring and write them on a piece of paper. When you have finished that list think of a person you would like to talk to about your idea. When you have found one person take two seats, sit down in one seat and switch into the role of this person. Now think about which questions the person might ask you concerning your idea. When you found a question switch the seat and think what you would answer. Think of the consequences from your person’s perspective and again form questions he or she might ask and think of answers. Repeat this with another person. If you are still unsure about your idea ask real friends about their opinion.


After you have found which is the best idea to reduce your stress for this situation it is time to realise your idea and to reduce the stress the situation causes. After the thorough preparation I think you know what the next step will be for you and at this stage I which you great success with your realisation.

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