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Are you in peace with your environment and yourself? As you have clicked on the article I guess you are not resting in yourself at the moment. There are many things that worry you, there is a tight time table which does not allow you to work at your own speed. Perhaps there is work which has urgently to be done and you are procrastinating it. How is it possible for you to turn back to your inner peace?


…think. What is it really that makes you nervous, exited or feeling uneasy, or unsettled? You might think you know what makes you nervous, makes you anxious, but when you think more deeply you will realise that there is something else which is really making you feel uneasy. When you are not able to find the source of your nervousness or anxiousness, meditate.


Meditation will help you to become more at ease with yourself. Meditation is not the solution but it can be the start on your way to inner peace. Meditation helps you to create a greater gap between your worries and your mind, id est that you will not brood over your worries any longer. Meditation of course does not do the work for you and will not be able to find the solutions for you, because that is not its purpose, but it will help you to sort your situation.

When you are brooding a lot meditation is an instrument that will enable you to open up your mind and to be able to find new solutions for your knotty situation. I have to warn you that meditation has to be done on a regular basis so and that it will not be the instant solution for your situation.

When you read these words and are a bloody beginner to mediation it might be a good idea just to sit on a chair, put both feet on the ground, close your eyes, sit comfortably and observe your breath. After you have starting with observing your breath you might try to observe how your breast moves while your are breathing and how the air which you inhale and the air you exhale feels. Does the air you inhale feel cold compared to the air you exhale?

When worries or thoughts pop up during your meditation accept them, set them on a cloud and let them move on. Do not think about them. When you start thinking or brooding, accept it, do not get angry with yourself and turn back to your meditation where you concentrate on your breath again….

When you are more experience in mediation but have stopped practising I advice you to pick up the mediation again. It does not matter which form of meditation you choose. That whatever is good for you.

After a few days or perhaps a week rethink of my question what really makes you think too much. If you do not feel more relaxed it might be that you have to go on meditating before getting out of the circle of brooding.

When you have found the cause of your brooding take a step back and think of solutions for your situation. You might decide to brainstorm your ideas and next you have the option to list the advantages and disadvantages of the consequences on a second piece for paper. The advantages and disadvantages you might as well sort into short and long dis-/advantages, because a short advantage might turn out to be a disadvantage on the long run.

For finding the best solution of your situation you might as well ask your friends and family. There is no reason why you will have to find the solution all on your own.


When the reason of your worries has to do with procrastination you will have to take action. Not acting will worsen your situation. There are a least three possibilities. You decide yourself to do it quickly or you pass the task on to someone else. The third one might be the most elegant one. You look for assistance and ask someone for help you and that might motivate you to finish the work and you might not see a mountain of work you have seen before and might not feel overwhelmed anymore.

Finding out your long lasting inner peace

Finding out your long lasting inner peace will be a challenge I am not able to discuss in in full width. I will try to give you some hints to start with. Brooding is always a sign that you are not relaxes at some issue of your life and it is a point that you are overestimating, where you are feeling pushed into a corner and are not have the feeling of self-efficacy. At that point meditation will help you to see situations less dramatic. For your long lasting peace you will have to sort out this issue, but that will not be enough for your long lasting peace. To gain long lasting peace you will have to change your attitude towards life.


I guess that you are often having negative automatic thoughts, that you are often seeing dark colours in negative in situations which end up not being as bad as you have seen them. Do you experience a lot of situations not as bad as you expected them to end up? If you say yes now, then you are a candidate that does a lot of brooding which is like a negativ prophecy circle. You focus on the negative aspects of the situation and when the negative aspects become reality you are the one telling others that you have foreseen that. In this case you forget that there are positive prophecy circles as well. When you brood you only focus not the negative outcomes and you are not able to see the whole spectrum of colours. I am sure there are a lot of positive outcomes too, but because of the dark colours you focus on you are not able to see the bright colours and outcomes.

Seeing dark colours will make you passive. It gives you the impression that there is nothing you can do about. You feel helpless. BUT! when you look at the bright colours all of a sudden you will find opportunities you have never thought of and never dreamt of. You feel light, you have chances you have never thought of and now all of a sudden you feel as ease with yourself. When you keep going focusing on bright colours you will realise that your life will turn to the positive and the stress that you will have had before will be gone.

When you think it could be a good idea to be accompanied on this was from dark colours to bright colours book a date to find out whether I would be the right person to accompany you.

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