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The more you learn, the less stress you will have. Why? Because learning, in which way ever will help you to live a less stressful life. Learning does not only include reading books but also learning new habits, new behaviours and more.

Learning makes you flexible in many ways, professionally and personally. If you learn well you will be able to change a job, if you do not like it anymore, eg. when it bores you. The more you are willing to grow your personal development the more flexible you are able to react to odd behaviour of others and the less you will loose yourself, because you are self-efficient.

Stress is caused by difficulty to adjust to a new situation. The more you practise to adjust to awkward situations and more you will be able to handle tough ones.


There is a good phrase that people do not leave companies because of bad work but because of the managers. I think this is a very true sentence. Some companies even request their entrepreneurs not to call them, but only to send emails. Do entrepreneurs have time to spend their working time to send emails to and fro all day to sort out an issue which could be dealt with on the phone in five minutes? I think they have as little time as the company which asks the entrepreneurs to send emails to sort out issues. Well, this means that good entrepreneurs will be looking for new projects, because a company that thinks they do not need to look after their entrepreneurs well will have to realise that the good ones will leave one after one.

Tough situations

To reduce your stress you have to take chances when you do not feel well in a position or in a project you are in. Sometimes it is not that easy to find the chances, because at first sight they do not turn up. But when you are patient you will find your chances. This restructuring can be a very stressful time, because it can be accompanied by a time with little money, stress in your family and you will not be able to do what you would like to do in your leisure time, because you might not be able to afford all your hobbies. But it is important to keep your nerves and then you will work your way out of this situation.


Besides creating chances you will have to make decisions. To have a bouquet of chances and not deciding to pave your way is a waste of energy. If you want to be happy again, you will have to take opportunities and to decide for or against them. I well know that you may have problems to make decisions because you feel torn between the options that occur. Sometimes you have to take a decision even though you have lost your guts and give one decision a try. If it does not feel right, you will have to move on. That is a part of our lives.

Making decisions is a process of learning. Therefore, if you have problems with taking decisions you might want to take one decision deliberately per day so that you will get into the habit of taking decisions.

Saying No

A customer of mine has problems of saying no. He is a political figure and therefore is a public figure as well. He came to me because he has a defence of drinking and driving. Now the question is how to handle his future drinking. While we were talking I realised that he has great difficulties with saying no and to make clear decisions. The political work of course is a matter of leaving the door open for a gap as often as possible, because it allows you to change your opinion without loosing face. But if you want to be one with yourself you will have to decide which path you want to follow in the future and to have a vision of your life. To work hard to reach your vision means to take the opportunities that are offered and to learn a bit every day.

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