Masterclass Stress through finances

This masterclass is interesting for entrepreneurs who are short of money because they have not fully recovered from the Pandemic.

During the masterclass you will learn:

  1. Techniques how to reduce your stress
  2. As a gift you will get a streadsheet in which you can write your daily costs to make sure that you have an overview of how much money you spend a month
  3. We will talk about scheduling and prioritising, because when you are in a situation where you are short of money you will have deadlines to stick to.
  4. Are you not opening your letters anymore, because you know there is another bill and you are not having the money but a lot of month left? I want to motivate you to open your letters again and to face the situation.

All these steps will help you to reduce your stress. If you are shying away you will not overcome this very stressful situation.Is it your goal to overcome helpless and frustration? I am willing to help you. My goal to motivate you to start your journey to reduce your stress. Are you convinced it is time for a change? Do you want to register now? If not, what is stopping you? If you are not willing to take a risk, you will not be able to gain success. The bolder you are the higher the probability of success.

Agenda of the masterclass

Where are you standing right now?
At first I would like to know where you stand. Are you tight with money? Are you in depts and do not know how to pay your bills? Are you afraid your might not earn enough money to pay your bills some time in the futures?

Stress relief techniques
As it is important that you reduce your stress level I will tell you about some very simple techniques how to reduce your stress really quickly.

Scheduling and Prioritising
Especially when you are tight with money you have to be disciplined. And knowing how to prioritise and how to schedule without stress will help you to reduce your stress longterm. Therefore this will be an important part of our masterclass.

We will have a look at your mindset as well, because when you are not setting your mindset to ‘I can do this’ you will have difficulties not only deciding to do it but also to commit yourself and to get started changing your situation.

Spreadsheet monthly costs
Next we will talk about your monthly costs and I will introduce my spreadsheet to you. We will be able to discuss my table and may adjust it. 

What are you learning?

This masterclass will motivate you to start reducing your stress in one of the most stressful situations there is; having not enough money to survive or to live on. With other words for some or many of you there is a lot of month left with hardly any money on your bank account. To keep going you will learn techniques how you can relief stress quickly, because you need to focus on  the present and not catastrophise the future. Further you will learn a method to switch negative thoughts into positive. Of course it need a learning curve, but in the masterclass you will get to know a way how you can train it.And because a lot of scheduling and tasks solvingwill come up in the future we will talk about possible ways how to prioritise or schedule your tasks.

Why did you not register? What is keeping you back? But let me tell you: As you are not committed to changing your present situation you are right that you will not fit into your masterclass yet. Please feel free to leave the page and come back when your are ready. 

Thank you for having been here. 🙂

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