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Masterclass Working from home

This masterclass is interesting for everybody who is working from home due to the pandamic or because he or she has chosen to work from home and realises now that there are struggles that were not clear straight away.

During the masterclass you will learn:

  1. Techniques how to reduce your stress
  2. There will be a gift for you.
  3. We will talk about the stress that working form home can cause, eg. when kids want to ask something, or the wife feels neglected, hobbies, etc.
  4. We will have a talk about prioritisation and time management, because it is different to working in an office.
  5. Socialising will be another subject of our masterclass

On a measurement from 1 to 10 how severe would you decribe your pain? The higher you sett your answer the more urgent it is for you to register for my masterclass. What is holding you back?

Agenda of the masterclass

Expectations and obstacles
I know that one expectations will be for you to reduce your stress and it is my goal that at the end of the masterclass you have new possibilities to reduce your stress.

As you are not only having expectations, but I am sure there will have some obstacles as well I am keen to know those as well.

Prioritising and time management

When you are sitting at home all by your own it can become a bit quiet at times. Or on the other hand you are working on a presentation and one of your kids is opening the door and asking why you are not playing with him.

On the other hand your wife might cook some lunch and is expecting that you will eat all together. Instead your boss calls because of an unsatisfied client.


Have you been forced to stay at home because of the new regulations that as many as possibile have to work from home again and you are not comfortable with it? You are fighting the decision that has been  made for you and you would prefer to work in your office? What do you need to accept the new situation?


You are sitting at home alone and isolated. Even worse you are single, your parents are living many miles away. Now you are asking yourself how can I socialise? Who can I call when I am sitting in front of the computer?

What are you learning?

This masterclass will motivate you to start to love your situation. As long as you are fighting the situation you are in, the less resilient you will be.

Therefore you will learn that there are situations that you are not able to influence and this can be one of them. Of course if you choose this situaiton, but now you are struggling with it, I will motivate you to accept the situation for now, but to look for alternative that might open up on the way along.

We will look how you can get the best out of the present situation, because many are not able to change it right now, if they so not want to get a new job.

It will be my job to look at your situation and to help you to find way how to grow your resilience

Why did you not register? What is keeping you back? But let me tell you: As you are not committed to changing your present situation you are right that you will not fit into your masterclass yet. Please feel free to leave the page and come back when your are ready. 

Thank you for having been here. 🙂

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