Masterclass Procrastination

You might ask yourself why am I offering a masterclass concerning procrastination? You are right that at some point of our life we are all postponing or delaying a task. But there are people who are running into serious trouble because of procrastination.

Perhaps you now think that you do not belong here, but honestly how often are you delaying or postponing a task that you dislike and that you hate doing? Finf times, ten times? Or have to had serious trouble before because you did not finish a task in time?

Just today a friend told me that a friend of hers passed in a test a few minutes after the deadline and her work was rejected. that ment she had to repeat the course the next semester. How do you think she felt? I am sure she was very disappointed, angry with herself. But did she learn anything from it? Well, I am sure the next semester she made sure she passed her work in early, but what about other situations? Lessons like this are seldomly generalised to onto other situations. Why? Because we have to learn the structure behind our behaviour and we have to repeat it.

Would you like to know what lies behind this behaviour and how to prevent procrastination?

Agenda of the masterclass

There are different kinds of definitions. Some are stressing the healthy part of procrastination othere are differentiating between healthy and unhealthy habits. Let us have a look into them.
What kind of procrastinator are you?
There are different kinds of procrastinatores. During the mastermind I will describe different procrastinators and you will find out which of those you are.
What do you keep procrastinating?
In this seeion of our masterclass you will learn the mechanism behind the procrastiation. Why do you keep procrastinating?
Ways how to overcome procrastination?
I guess this bit is the most important part of my masterclass for you right now. But if I do not explain why you are behaving like this you will not understand why you have to change your habits.
What to do when it comes to a relapse?
The chance to have a relapse is always given. Even if you say I will not have a relapse right now, you never know what the future will bring. That means to always be cautious and to be prepared for situations which may be a danger for a relapse.


What are you learning?

1. What procrastination is.

2. Why you keep doing it.

3. What you can do to overcome it.

4. How you avoid a relapse.

5 What you can do when you have fallen back into old habits.

Are you a person who keeps finishing the work at the last minute? Do you know the situation where you are anxious because you are afraid of not gettting ready in time? How does that feel? Is it frightening? Does it build up your spirit? Or is it pulling you down? Do you want to feel depressed? No? Are you sure you should not be attending this Masterclass? No? Do you want to change your behaviour? Yes? Would you like to be happy? Yes? Now is your chance to register.
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