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Would you like to be perfect? Do you like mistakes? Why do you not like mistakes? What do you dislike about mistakes?

Everybody makes mistakes and they are a part of our live. The more you try to avoid them the more you will make mistakes, because you will feel stressed and under a lot of pressure when you try not to make mistakes or as little as possible. If you are a person who like to avoid mistakes you need to learn that mistakes are a part of your life and that they are good for you.


Nobody likes mistakes but they are a part of our lives and will make our personality to what we are and what we will be in the future. Therefore mistakes are important and the more you do the greater the chance of your success in life. You may be afraid of mistakes because in your childhood you learned the mistakes have terrible consequences as your parents punished you hard. Today, in a world which is a lot faster than it has been in your childhood and in a world that is far more international you will have a much greater chance of doing mistakes. Of course every mistake has its consequences and you will have to face it, but me sure there will always be a way to be happy again.

Successful people

Successful people have always made more mistakes than the students. That is a phrase I like. It shows what it needs to be successful. You might as well say: A business man has made one more mistake than the one that gave up. Or another saying is: Fortune favours the brave. What you now learn is that it is all about mistakes. And I am making quite a few mistakes in private and in business. But I am not allowed to give up making mistakes. It is far more important to find successful solutions.

Pain and anger

As I mentioned before there will be consequences coming up for your mistakes. Therefore are you willing to accept the pain, the anger and the disappointment your mistakes will be followed by? You will have to be strong to face the negativity which is waiting for you on the way. Are you taking the mistakes personally? If you do why do you do this? Only because other people will not talk of their mistakes, it does not mean that they are not making any. They might be making a lot but they will not tell you about them. And many mistakes that occur will not be done by you but you face the consequences.

Let me give you an example: I stand in for a colleague in some course in Hamburg at the moment and because one participant was not able to take part in all the meetings the dates of the course had to be changed. The supervisor called me for alternative dates and I told her the possible dates. Then I had to cancel one option of alternative dates because another course started at Hannover that day so that I sent a notice to the office and they replied that there is not problem because the course I stand in in Hamburg will be reduced to two meetings and those will be done with more hours which meant the same amount of hours on the whole but less meetings. Then I got the documents after the supervisor finished the first meeting and the next meeting was mine. In these documents I found out that the participant all of a sudden was able to take part in all three meetings, but as the supervisor had rang me in between and asked me to stand in for another course in Dresden I had transferred a fourth project, not a cource, to the date the participant originally was not able to take part in because for me it was day without any project after the office told me I am holding the course in two meetings. Now I had a new situation. After thinking I found out that I will be able to do both projects on that Friday as they are geographically close to each other and I am able to combine both in my timetable.

This was a lot of work to sort this out and I will have to get the last train form Hamburg to Hannover to make sure I can get to Cologne on Saturday because I will run a relay in the Cologne marathon.

This situation might help you understand that there are mistakes you have no fault of but have to be solved by you and effect you personally. If I would have thought this was my mistake, because I passed on the date when the course in Hannover started, the consequences would have been very different I would not have been able to sort things out with the energy it needed to solve this complex matter. Taking mistakes personally will always cost you energy which you will need for finding solutions. Therefore learn not to take mistakes personally.


Instead of being afraid of making mistakes it is important to have the courage to find good solid solutions for the mistakes you did. As I have said before today it is important to make as many mistakes as possible. Mostly the consequences will not be as bad as you expect them to be. Some very successful people have even gone bankrupt before they have built up a long-living successful business. Therefore I want to encourage you to reduce the tension of making mistake and help you to relax.

Be braver or bolder than being afraid of making mistakes. That is the important message. What else does that include?

New paths

Do not be afraid to trying something new. Being paralysed will not help you to move on, to grow your personality. Only being brave and have the courage to try something new will let your personality grow. Living your life like this will of course not only be a life of sunshine. But make the effort!


Of course making mistakes is always connected to stress. But the more you have learned to make mistakes the more your self-efficacy will have grown the less stress you will have and the more you will feel at ease. Therefore your experience with mistakes will help you to be more relaxed when you do a mistake.

Studies show that with age perfectionism is less and less stressing you, because you have learning the mistakes are not the end of everything. Do you really want to wait so many years or do you want to change your habits now?

If you want to change your habit now and think that you need some assistance on your way, book an appointment for free straight away.

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