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What is your daily stress like? Are you having the feeling that you have so much work to do, or too many appointments and meetings and you do not know when to finish you daily work? Or your private life is stressful because you have many meetings in clubs, your parents want to be looked after and so on. Then it is time to reduce your stress.


When you have a lot of meetings or appointments have a break in between. When you are travelling from one destination to another plan additional time between your finial destination and the appointment or meeting. It will take you a lot of stress. Why? Because on the way to your destination you are not feeling stressed but relatively relaxed even if your route has some delays.

You might have some breaks between meetings as well. Meetings can be a very stressful situations, especially when you might have a different opinion than the majority of people who are taking part in the meeting, your contribution on the agenda might have been postponed to the next meeting and so on. And last, but not least you might find it hard to concentrate for hours and hours on subjects tightly discussed with succinct results.

Multi Media

Think thoroughly about your consumption of multi media. How much time do you spend on Facebook, Instragram, etc? The trouble with these services is that it does not help you to reduce your stress. Therefore, when you have a break it is a better idea to read a book, to knit, to do some fitness or meet with friends to have nice dinner.

E-Mails may be read when you have worked on a large task. The change of tasks helps you to change between diving into a subject deeply and afterwards do some shallow work to relax your mind. Emails are never as important that you have to read them immediately.

Surrounded by negative people

Are you surrounded by negative people who keep complaining about all and everything? Do you know colleagues or supervisors who have a rude tone of communication? These people are not doing you any good. Now you might think that does not matter because I am earning my money from them, but re-think. Is it stressing you? I am quite sure that these people are stressing you. Your workplace it the place where you spend about one third of your current life time.


A business coachee of mine has a costumer who’s communication is really bad. They do not even want him to call them and every time he calls there is a bad comment. The only way of communication they accept is writing emails. Do you know how long it takes to explain a complex subject in an email? That is ridiculous. As the situation is getting worse he intents to finish his co-operation as soon as possible. At the moment he has to accept it but he eventually he will acquire new costumers to change his present situation, because he does not want to be stressed anymore by such people.

When there is no improvement for a time span you define I can only advise you to cut off contact, turn around and look for new possibilities or friends.


Another point which is stealing energy and stressing you is postponing work that has to be done. When you keep postponing work you should do, put the tasks on your to-do list and think where you would put the postponed tasks into the Eisenhower matrix. If you have put it on the matrix before think whether it should be transferred in the quadrant of important and urgent. You find a description of the matrix in German on my YouTube channel.LOS

If it does not help to change the quadrant ask yourself for the reasons of postponing it. Are you afraid of the consequences? Are you afraid that you might be punished for not having finished the task in time? Not having it finished in time might be a sign that you are not saying No often enough. When you say No you are opening up your mind to focus on new things.

It is always a question of priority. If you do not like that kind of work the chance that you keep postponing the task is relatively large. That is why great people start the day with the kind of work they like the less and afterwards reward themselves with some work they like and enjoy. Afterwards they pick up some work they like less again.

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