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When you read the heading you might think what has stress to do with sports. Today I will tell you what sports has to do with stress.

Are you stressed and think that you do not have any time to do sports? I tell you wrong. It is a question of setting priorities. You will not be able to work all day without any breaks. Your concentration will not allow you to do this.


Breaks are very important for recreation. How have the breaks to be? Breaks do not mean you have to stop your working process. It means for example to change the kind of work you are doing. If you prepared a presentation for the next day where you were sitting at the desk and researching and reading literature, creating slides and concentrate on this task, next you might be copying the handouts for the participants. Theses tasks are very different in the demands, the first one needs a lot of cognitive energy while the second needs motor energy.

Of course you should do some real breaks though the day, but there do not have to be too many breaks during a day because your body senses a change of energy like a break.

Real Breaks though should be real breaks and during the breaks you should not work at all.


During breaks you might do some sports. What kind of sports is not too important. It is important that you move. Every day you should walk at least seven to ten thousand steps and in a week you should make a hundert and fifty minutes of sports. If you want do improve your fitness you should at least make sports for three hundred minutes.

Sports has many positive effects. It stabilises your circulation, strengthens your lungs and muscles. It will make you feel a lot fitter, more concentrated and your concentration span will grow.


Sports, especially endurance sports, will help you to reduce your stress. When you run for at least an hour you will calm down and stress will not effect you as much as before.

Since I am running and I startet running in 2015 I feel a lot more relaxed, am able to concentrate a lot better and can remember details more precisely. Of course when I startet running it only was a few hundred metres but soon it became a kilometre and the distance I was able to run has grown from month to month and is even growing today. The more success you experience the easier it will be for you to keep going, because the sport you choose is getting a habit in your life.

Of course I did sports before and in my youth I did a lot of sports. I have never been with the best, but I always love to move. All my life I have been a very vivid person and in spite of the liveliness I have been a very resilient person.

Sports help me to be resilient, because it reduces the stress level and of course it is healthy. After four years I am running ultra marathons and running long distances helps me a lot to relax for days, even weeks. A friend of mine walked the Köln Pfad which was a hundred and seventy one kilometres long for him and a few week later he wrote to me that since the walk took place he is still relaxed and not stressed.

I would like to motivate you to start with sports to relax. Of course it will take some time until you will feel the relaxation, but after an hours run you will feel the relaxation. When I swim one or two hours I have the same feeling of relaxation. That shows me that it does not matter which sports you choose as long as you are practising on a regular basis and gain a certain distance.

Weight trainings are not as effective for relaxation, even though it is very important for your health.

Weight trainings

Weight trainings are important for your health, because your heart is a muscle and your muscles need to stay fit so that the heart muscle is able to pump the blood well through your body.

Sports, especially endurance sports will help you to keep your blood sugar low. Of course your food and drinks influence your blood sugar and the strength of your muscles as well.

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Picture: Gudrun Smith, 24-hours run Braunschweig-Rüningen, 24. August 2019

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