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Welcome to my blog dealing with the subject „Stress“ and „Resilience. Stress is a very broad field even though it looks so simple we all know that it is not that easy to deal with because everybody feels stress differently.

Everybody deals with stress in his or her way more or less successful. My intention with this blogs and all the products I have invented and still will be inventing in the future are supposed to help you to deal with the daily stress and hussle. I am convinced that when you keep your daily stress as little as possible the extrodinary stress will not effect and affect you too badly, because you have a stable basic to stay solid when a situation de-escalates.

As you may have noticed or, if you are new to my blog, will notice, I understand coping with stress not only as mental practice but also as a daily routine to built up. Therefore it includes recipes, relaxation music, meditation or phyical education or anything else I find usefull for you. The odd tip of behaviour or examples are included as well.

If there is anything you wish, feel free to give my a shout and I will think how I can find a good solution to your wish.

Next I wish you great fun with the blog and hope you will enjoy it as it proceeds.

Kind regards,